We cover more than one hundred professions in the following fields:


Architect, interior designer, surveyor, construction engineer, landscape designer, urban planner, engineering technician, geomatician, thermal insulation fitter (insulator), tiler, carpenter, boilermaker and pipefitter, woodworker, roofer, domotician, scaffolder , equipment electrician, bricklayer, plumber, carpenter, metalworker, painter, letter painter, painter, plasterer, plumber, flooring installer, metal locksmith, heating engineer, earthmaker or demolisher, assistant foreman, driver works, quality manager environmental safety, quantity surveyor, site manager, project manager, BIM manager, SPS coordinator, OPC planner, real estate appraiser, programmer, construction machinery operator, crane driver, public construction equipment mechanic.


Aquaculturist, lumberjack, pruner, wine merchant, horticulturist, winemaker, silviculturist, landscape gardener, market gardener, livestock manager, grain farmer, winemaker.


Head chef, specialist chef, kitchen clerk, chef or production manager in collective catering, chef-manger in collective catering, public cook, economist, restaurant manager, fast food restaurant executive, manager of a fast-food restaurant, team leader in fast food, caterer, receptionist, dietician, pizzaiolo, pastry chef, butcher, baker, butcher-delicatessen, fishmonger, chocolate-confectioner, waiter, head waiter, head butler, coffee waiter, sommelier, fast food restaurant crew, dishwasher, valet, porter, lift attendant, porter, butler, receptionist, chef-receptionist, night watchman, hotel concierge, accommodation manager, hotel manager , restaurant manager, luxury manager, spa manager, maid and valet, housekeeper, laundry operator, customer service manager, yield manager, bartender , project manager, croupier, slot machine technician, slot machine auditor.


Industrial Product Manager, Business Engineer, Design Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electrotechnical Engineer, Industrial Computer Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Mechanical System Designer, Industrial Designer, Digital Designer, Calculation Engineer, Industrial Coating Painter, production technician, welder, industrial computer technician, quality engineer, thermal insulation fitter (insulator).

Food processing

Manufacturing and packaging line operator, manufacturing operator, manufacturing workshop manager, maintenance manager, production manager, quality manager, maintenance technician, quality technician.

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